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They say Confidence is a Girl's Best accessory! Confidence is the level or the amount of value we place on ourselves when it comes to how we look, how we achieve certain goals and also how we present ourselves to the outside world. As I evaluate and look over the obstacles I've faced in my life and the things I've overcome, my confidence has been a factor each and every time. Growing up I was very shy, as I've shared in other blog posts, I was very closed off to making new friends and building relationships. I was always so wrapped up in what others thought of me which caused me to be very unsure of myself. I remember in middle school I never ate during lunch because I didn't want people watching me eat. I was already a chubby girl, I didn't want anyone judging me when I took a bite or simply ate at all. So I would wait til I got home everyday to eat.

I secretly looked for affirmations from others, as well as compliments and acknowledgment. When I didn't g…

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