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StyleBabe of the Month: Vershonda Campbell

See it all started when I joined a Flag Football team of my College dorm back in 2009, at none other than the Wonderful school of Prairie View A&M University!!! PV YOU KNOW!!!!! Lol still rings true! We had played a rough and tough game this particular night and one of my friends got really hurt during the game, they kicked our butts this night, but we took it like a team of G's! While we were figuring out the arrangements for her hospital visit, one eager, bright eyed, extra southern friendly girl joined into the conversation to lend some moral support and to discuss how gruesome the game went. From that night on me and this particular girl became joined at the hip and are still very close to this day! 

My very Best Friend in this entire world has given so much of herself from that day forward and has asked for nothing in return, except some advice on what shoes to wear with tonight's outfit! I am very excited to see her growth as a woman and totally appreciate her time as…

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